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What is a MaineCoon cat? It is grace in size, independence and kindness, horrifying appearance and immeasurable “honey and hug” at the same time.

It’s not just an ordinary cat, it’s something more- a true member of the family. As soon as you have this cat, his photo will be everywhere: in your handy, on your table and in other places of your apartment, office or car.

It wasn’t easy for us to choose a mainecoon kitten (they are very different and all of them are very cute) but when on one website we saw a wonderful little creature I understood that that was the very kitten I’d been looking for so long. We gave him the name Tuman (it’s the same in the Russian language as the English word Fog) and he became part of our family, part of our life. We were meant to meat and be together, as they say.

He grew older and became more and more handsome. Tuman made a wonderful career: WCh (WCF), TGC (TICA), GICH (FIFE).

He had unforgettable charisma and could capture everybody’s attention very quickly. He was a true personality.

Suppose that you want to know why I’m writing in the past about 


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